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CALI RUSH is a celebration of some of California's most adventurous and talented athletes that are in search of a more harmonious relationship with nature through sports, lifestyle, recreation and environmental technology. Join this modern day tribe of adventurers as they explore some of California's most wild and beautiful places in search of epic conditions and the ultimate Rush. CALI RUSH features all human-powered sports that work in harmony with the flows of nature, don't rely on gasoline and create the least amount of impact. Come along on a multi sport adventure following the changing of the seasons through some of California's last wild places.  This is the CALI RUSH!

Paul Bass backflips off a dirt jump on his bike Cali Rush

Paul Bass backflips off a dirt jump durring filming for Cali Rush.


In 1848 gold was discovered in the American River.  The ensuing California Gold Rush was one of the most environmentally destructive campaigns in the history of mankind.  Permanently changing the ecological landscape of much of the state.  Setting a standard for the past 150 years where many industries had been based around exploiting natural resources.  Now California is on the forefront of the Green Revolution.  People, Companies, Industries, Educators and Businesses are seeking ways to live more harmoniously in their environment and sustain the last of our natural resources. Now is the California Green Rush!

Cali Rush is a response to the urgent and growing need for a reduction in green house gasses and harmful carbon atmospheric pollutants.  It’s a way to help promote the new and developing Green Movement in California and promote athletes who are searching for a more harmonious path with your natural world. 

Mike Wier white water rafting middle fork of the American River

Mike Wier white water rafting on the Middle Fork of the American River.


The Green Rush is a creative collaboration between many different filmmakers, photographers, athletes and artist to achieve a goal of creating the ultimate multi sports adventure movie. The movie was written and is directed by Mike E. Wier of BURL Productions.


Sports and Athletes

Skiing: Josh Daiek

Snowboarding: Eric Jackson, Lonnie Kauk, Jeremy Jones, BJ Linne, Ross Patton, Jordan Neild and Mikey Wier

Snow Skating: Sean Davis, Seth Hall, Pat Quin, Pat Bonzer, Jomi Smith

Skateboarding: Vic Lawrance

Surfing: Peter Mel, Flea, Kyle Theirmann, Kyle Buthman, Darshon Gooch, Matt Meyers and Deyess

Climbing: Lonnie Kauk, Mike Rubini & Kelly Iacuzio and Jesse Bonin

Kayaking: Charlie Center, Rush Sterges and friends

Fly-Fishing: Mikey Wier, Dave Lass, Eric Jackson, Megan Smith, Jon Copeland, Mike O'Dell, Jared Beer, Matt Herion and Kevin Jones. 

Riverboarding: Travis Parker, Dan Durken, Mikey Wier

Mt Biking: Paul Bass, Joe Markus, Tarren Closson, Mark Hamm, Mike Olson and Corey Dicks

Sailing:  Jacob Ells

Kite Surfing: Jamy Donaldson, Blake Harrington

Paddle Boading: Lauren De Remer



Standard Films – Mike Hatchett

Grow Up Productions Wojytec Torgas

Buthmann Media – Kyle Buthman

Strapless Entertainment – Sean Davis

Leeward Cinema – Chris Edmonds

Caliproduct – Charlie Center

Kyle Schwartz - Cinematographer

Anthony Cupaiuolo - Cinematography/ Studio

Dan Moses - Cinematography/ Studio

Canyon Florey- Photographer/ Graphic Design, Web Design


Art By:

Ryan Johnson- Artist





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